To Jump, take two steps back!

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To achieve something is not difficult at all. Easily said, but the truth is that we often make things more difficult than it is.

Agreed, to keep things simple is not easy. But it is possible, it always is! One should have the right mindset and attitude, must challenge creativity and demonstrate courage!

I am not downplaying things, but am sharing my thoughts with you.

I have fine-tuned my experiences and turned these into best practices. And it is working. Smartnotation is one of the most recent and tanglible best practice.

We should work together, let's explore and spot the opportunities we wouldn't have seen!

By the way, when complexity increases, it helps to go 2 steps back! Sometimes even back to the drawing table. It takes insight to do so, but the final result is always better!

Choose the right direction

Think simple, step by step but with a clear horizon.

Get organized

Use best practices to manage your time and space.

Use relevant tools

Select the right tools, but do not overselect.