To Jump, take two steps back!

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Interim IT Management | Projects | Start-ups | Investments

To achieve something is not difficult. Not at all. Easily said than done?

The truth is that we often get distracted with side subprojects and make things more difficult than they are. I agree, to make and keep things simple is a challenge. But it is possible to simplify and get the best value in the end, it always is! We should have the right mindset and attitude, must challenge creativity and demonstrate courage!

When complexity increases, it helps to go 1 step back! Sometimes even back to the drawing table. If something is complex, then you should re-validate the goals, roles, processes and interpersonal relations of the case. 
It demands courage and insight from the leader, but the final result is always better!

Together with my customers I have fine-tuned my ways of working and turned these into best practices. And it is working. Smartnotation (an enterprise level meeting minutes solution, from idea to market in 1,5 year) is one of my most recent and tangible ventures.

My way of working:

Leadership - Focussed on personal growth, result-driven with an excellent social antenna
Project - Entrepreneurial approach of programmes / projects / assignments
Risk - Proactive, pragmatic and continuous management of risks
Time - Creative, effective handling of multiple competing priorities
Communication - Ability to listen, visualize, de-escalate and personalize
Team - Excellent team-building and team-validation capabilities

My proposition:

Assignments are awarded on trust in the person and his/her capabilities. Which is something that you can only experience in a face to face conversation. The second aspect is the price. 

For me, the price is a combination of value and finance. The ultimate goal for the company is to get to the next level.

 But ... it all starts with confidence in each other!

Let's talk and explore opportunities together. Opportunities we otherwise wouldn't have seen!
Ken Ramroochsingh